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2021年3月3日 (週三)

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    17:48  Dexedrine adhd‎ (差異 | 歷史) . . (+5,635). . QualityBacklinksuk (對話 | 貢獻) (已建立頁面,內容為 "The unwanted effects that are included with all these drugs have always been the same, due to the fact again, these come under the exact same stimulant household. Co...")
    17:48  What is dexedrine used for‎ (差異 | 歷史) . . (+5,611). . QualityBacklinksuk (對話 | 貢獻) (已建立頁面,內容為 "Adderall was a central stressed method stimulant. It acts inside accelerate your transmission concerning electrical and/or chemical signals through the entire nervou...")
    15:58  How long does dexedrine last‎ (差異 | 歷史) . . (+5,751). . QualityBacklinksuk (對話 | 貢獻) (已建立頁面,內容為 "The following is in which a number of the leading variations in both drugs come right into enjoy. Concerta as well as Adderall are not suitable for everyone else. Th...")
    15:58  Dexedrine vs adderall‎ (差異 | 歷史) . . (+5,049). . QualityBacklinksuk (對話 | 貢獻) (已建立頁面,內容為 "If you're experiencing withdrawal signs, talk to your physician. The total amount of occasion that withdrawal discomfort occur is based on ones dosage and how long y...")
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2021年3月2日 (週二)

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2021年3月1日 (週一)

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2021年2月28日 (週日)

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2021年2月27日 (週六)

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2021年2月26日 (週五)

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